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No one can overstate the importance of data to an organization


Data.  No one can overstate the importance of data to an organization.  Whether it is files on a desktop or information in a database cluster, making copies of data, making data available during an unforeseen disruptive event, or keeping data available 24x7x365, we have THE industry standard solution.  Axcient.  No more back-up software to buy.  No more tape drives or portable hard disks.  No software or hardware maintenance.  Just simple.

Axcient’s SaaS platform ensures data, application, and system uptime, all the time, with its market-leading data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution. Axcient’s patent pending technology – including both onsite and cloud-based offsite backup and virtualization – is built from the ground-up to save small- and mid-sized businesses from the high costs of downtime-related loss of productivity and revenue. Now protecting more than 2 billion files and apps in the cloud, Axcient’s data and application uptime solutions, accessible anywhere, anytime.

There are two models of deployment:

  • Direct-to-Cloud

  • On-Site Appliance


Offers the ability to back-up, failover and/or virtualize an entire office in the cloud to avoid downtown.  Employees can continue working and the interruption goes unnoticed for true business continuity.

From a financial benefit, smaller organizations can avoid paying for the cost of a physical appliance and yet gain a consolidated cloud backup and disaster recovery solution.

Want more?  Most traditional endpoint protection vendors only provide a file and folder backup or sync.  With Axcient’s Direct-to-Cloud, the entire IT infrastructure (data and applications) is protected from ever going down.  Enterprise IT resiliency without the cost.

On-Site Appliance

For more robust environments where bandwidth may be limited, multiple servers that need instant failover, or number of devices requires on-site failover capability (as well as cloud-based), the on-site appliance approach is available.

A physical or virtual (customer provided hardware) appliance is:

  1. Positioned on-site
  2. Connected to the internal LAN and external WAN
  3. And terminates at the Axcient secure cloud platform
  4. Once connected, the site administrator interface allows complete control of on-site as well as in-cloud resources.

The interface will self-discover all hardware entities and file systems on-premise as eligible candidates.  The user custom-configures how back-up, disaster recovery and business continuity (if required) are set-up.



files and folders from laptops, workstations and servers direct to cloud (or to local appliance and cloud)

Disaster Recovery

in case of a business disruption, file and/or image-level direct-to-cloud for bare metal restore (or to local appliance and/or cloud for BMR)

Business Continuity

image-level direct-to-cloud with capability for cloud-based laptop, workstation or server automatic failover (or failover to local appliance and/or cloud)

WAN Optimization

automatically optimizes external WAN connection for maximizing performance without degrading productive use of network


only moves to cloud files that are unique or have been incrementally changed to preserve space and lower cost


Direct-to-Cloud Pricing

two costs, clients and total TB’s

  • Clients
  • Laptops/Desktops – $10 per device per month
  • Server, Business (no DR in cloud) – $85 per server per month
  • Server, Enterprise (cloud DR fail-over) – $115 per server per month

  • TB Increments, per month, based on retention:
TB Increments, per month, based on retention:
  • TB with 30-day – $70
  • TB with 1-year – $99
  • TB with 3-year – $125
  • TB with 7-year – $170


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