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“The great myth of our time is that technology is communication.” Libby Larsen

With the advent of technology – especially the mobile phone – this statement has never been truer. We have at their fingertips multiple technology devices but how well do we actually communicate?

Soteria works with businesses to help your technology communicate …  here’s how.


Cloud Voice Communications

The true test of a modern phone system: take a call, anywhere, on any device – desk phone, mobile, laptop or tablet. Or maybe, ringing all at the same time? Does yours pass the test?

What about your telephone numbers?

Are they stuck in your phone system sitting in a closet? What about your customers, do they walk out the door when your salesperson leaves? If your answer is “yes” to either of these questions, you need a new phone system.

What about free long distance? Call center capability? Toll-free numbers?

Soteria can show you how to leverage these technologies that were once relegated to only enterprise companies. We have deployed Cloud Voice with hundreds of users, imagine what it can do for you!

Soteria Cloud Applications


Ever think of Office 365 as a communication platform? Leveraging Skype for Business (Lync), Yammer (think Facebook for Business), instant messaging, conferencing and desktop sharing are all capabilities you can leverage with Office365.

Soteria can show you how to utilize one or all of these amazing technologies (along with email and Office applications, of course.) We have deployed hundreds of users throughout the world with Office365, let’s see what it can do for you.


Complementary Services

Looking for flat-cost, all-you-can-consume conference bridging? What about fax? Send documents directly from your PC or mobile device with virtual fax. Still have a machine? We can attach to a cloud fax account and now you have the best of both worlds.

Cloud Applications

Get out of the hardware business

Best part of all, these cloud communication solutions virtually eliminate the need for on-premise hardware (sans a desk phone, IF you want one ….) No more hardware maintenance. No more staff resources to manage. Turn on. Turn off. Pretty simple.

o Providers/Pricing

Cloud Communication Pricing


as low as $19.95/mo.

  • Includes:

Cloud PBX
Free Number Porting
Advanced Call Management Advanced Call Management
Unlimited Calling
Free Local Number
Free Toll Free Number
Voicemail to Email
Unlimited Virtual Faxing
Shared Call Appearance
HD Music on Hold
Voicemail to Text *

(*) add’l $2.95 per line

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uConnect Pro

as low as $29.95/mo.

  • Includes all uConnect features plus:
Includes all uConnect features plus:

Professionally Recorded Greeting (1)
Conference Bridge
Mobile App
Team Presence
Voicemail to Text *

(*) add’l $2.95 per line

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uConnect Enterprise

as low as $39.95/mo.
  • Includes all uConnect Pro features plus:
Includes all uConnect Pro features plus:

Professionally Recorded Greeting (3)
Call Recording
Barge In
Attendant Console
Voicemail to Text *

(*) add’l $2.95 per line

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Hosted PBX vs. an Onsite Phone System

Watch the video

Hosted PBX – VoIPHosted PBX – Office 365

Hosted PBX vs. an Onsite Phone System

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Hosted PBX Cuts Phone bills by over 50%Hosted PBX – Enterprise-Grade Phone System
Full Plan Lineup Business Enterprise
Business Business Essentials Business Premium ProPlus E1 E3


Price per user per month $USD (with annual commitment) $8.25 $5 $12.5 $12 $8 $20
Seat Cap 300 (for each plan) Unlimited
24/7 phone support from Microsoft(1) Critical issues All issues
Install Office desktop applications on up to 5 computers per user (Office) Business(2) Business(2) ProPlus(3) ProPlus(3)
Access to Office apps and documents from all major smartphones and iPad
Office Online – online versions of core Office apps for collaborating on documents
OneDrive for Business – 1TB personal online documents storage
Email – 50 GB email, contacts, shared calendars (Exchange)
Online meetings – Web conferencing, IM, video, presence (Lync)
Sites – team collaboration & internal portals, public website (SharePoint)
Private social networking (Yammer)


On-premises Active Directory synchronization for single sign on
Supports hybrid deployment with on-premises servers
Upcoming services: Oslo, Video content management
Legal compliance & archiving needs for email – archiving, eDiscovery, mailbox hold
Information protection – message encryption, rights management, data loss prevention
  1. Business plans include business hours support for all non-critical issues.
  2. Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher.
  3. Adds Access, Group Policy, Telemetry, Shared Computer Activation (RDS), Push Deployment, Update Controls, IRM, DLP, BI, Enterprise Voice, Site Mailboxes, Archiving & Retention.

Business Plans

All Business Plans include


Get peace of mind knowing your services are available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement (SLA).


Cutting-edge security practices with five layers of security and proactive monitoring help keep customer data safe.


Your data is yours. We safeguard it and protect your privacy.


Deploy and manage Office 365 across your company, no IT expertise required. You can add and remove user in minutes.

Up to date

No need to pay for version upgrades; updates are included in your subscription. New features are rolled out to Office 365 customers regularly.

Active Directory integration

Manage user credentials and permissions. Single sign-on and synchronization with Active Directory.


Microsoft Support provides telephone and online answers, how-to-resources and connections with other Office 365 customers for setup and quick fixes.